Cuneiform Camouflage

The Cuneiform alphabet is used to print words on paper. The words are English sentences using Cuneiform letters that are chosen to remind the reader of the English (Latin) letter. A Perl program called is provided to take a text file and output a .rtf file (Rich Text Format) using Cuneiform Unicode sentences. The font is used called CuneiformComposites1001, a Truetype font that previously was at
but it disappeared. Here is a copy of their font. Please note the copyright credits of UPENN that may be seen in the font file.

To look at the Cuneiform, see this related website where it says Cuneiform Test 3, install the font, and then you will see it on websites and in some word processors like Wordpad.

Also The Cuneiform Club has more details about the fonts and which browser is best for Cuneiform. Chrome is bad and IE8 is good for seeing Cuneiform fonts. Firefox is good.