Links to Encrypted Essays

This page is where you can post a link to the website holding your essay. Popular Cryptography Magazine provides space for you to use. The first files were added using Toyon Jungle Technology. This shows where future encrypted essays will appear.

The first essay is encrypted with AES in CBC mode with a 128 bit Key of all zeros and an Initialization Vector of all zeros. OpenSSL was used to encrypt it.

Essay Title:
"Vertically Extruded Privacy Hardware Using Generalized Electronic Strata"

The following folder has files that are not encrypted.
Also two Perl programs were placed on-line. The first one is to convert 32 byte ASCII Hexadecimal files to a binary file with 16 bytes and the second program reverses that. Those are useful for people to test block ciphers by providing files that control binary inputs for the block cipher. That is helped by typing in .txt text files for starters, and then converting the hex text into binary.


Here is a link to a related site: Popular Cryptography Storage.

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