Cyrillic Camouflage

The Greek encoding that you may have seen of some pages of Popular Cryptography Magazine is just one example of weak encryption. Another example has a key change, so this uses the Russian alphabet of Cyrillic letters. The Unicode letters for Cyrillic have code numbers starting at hex 0400.

Ит ис поссибле то рещерсе тче ордер оф тче маппинг ин ПассЫорд Миррор 4.2 со тчат тчис Енглисч сентенше ыилл усе Латин леттерс инстеад оф Шзриллиш леттерс.

The publisher has been trained to read that инсшутибле гиберисч. It is an English sentence spelled with Cyrillic letters.